About the Israel Sack, Inc., Archive

Sack Family

Scholars and students accessing the Israel Sack, Inc., Archive will find records of more than 4.450 objects that were sold by the firm of Israel Sack, Inc., during its nearly 100 years of operation. Lithuanian immigrant Israel Sack started a furniture repair business in Boston in 1903, relocating to New York City in the early 1930s, and was later joined in the operation by his three sons, Harold, Albert, and Robert. Until the business closed its doors in 2002, it was the premier vendor for early American furniture, due in large part to the knowledge and experience of the Sack family. In 1950 Albert Sack wrote the definitive reference book for antique dealers, Fine Points of Furniture: Early American, followed in 1993 by The New Fine Points of Furniture: Early American, Good, Better, Best, Superior, Masterpiece. The object records in the archive, which often include detail images and bibliographic information, draw upon the original photographs and materials that the Sack firm produced to create these books and advertise their furniture.